Theme of the Panel Discussion

Theme of the Panel Discussion: "A Happy Child Is A Successful Child"

Kindermusik Vietnam and VCVAA are pleased to announce the opening of Premium Studio in the center of District 3 in collaboration with North London Collegiate School's Experience Day (NLCS).

  • Kindermusik is a sensory and movement program with music for children aged 6 months to 7 years old, established in the 1960s by educational professionals in Germany and formally launched in the United States in 1978. Kindermusik is being taught in over 70 countries. Kindermusik Vietnam is taught by Kindermusik instructors who have completed training courses and are internationally qualified.
  • The purpose of Kindermusik is to foster in youngsters a lifelong love of music as well as a passion of learning and exploring the world.
  • Music is constructed in Kindermusik's classroom from "blocks" of melody, rhythm, harmony, shape, texture, timbre, and subtlety. Children experience through movement and play, including movement in situ, in addition to listening, reading, and singing.

Children will develop their language skills and reading comprehension, social interaction skills, sensory abilities, cognition, physical mobility, and artistic appreciation via each music lesson.

  • Folk music, particularly folk songs and games, is regarded as the primary source of educational materials, helping youngsters absorb the community's cultural life and many positive qualities.
  • The value of the entire family playing and learning together when all family members experience a feeling of connection and connectedness .In today's contemporary culture, we require such valuable time to cultivate love for family, love for children, and harmony inside the home.
  • Kindermusik presents a panel discussion titled "A Happy Child Is A Successful Child" towards the end of November to commemorate this remarkable combinati
    Kindermusik welcomes lecturers and parents to participate in this session to discuss:
    1. A joyful youngster who had a wonderful upbringing
  • The conference focused on the significant ramifications of the subject "A happy kid is a successful child."
  • Changes in the mother's mentality following childbirth
  • How to Raise a Child and Keeping Him or Her Happy Throughout Childhood
  • Music has been shown in studies and pictures to influence the baby's brain and psychology, as well as the mother's.
  • The benefit of the entire family playing and learning together is that it allows all family members to have a sense of intimacy and belonging.
    2. A pleased youngster begins first grade.
  • Skills required for children to successfully start the first grade.
  • Scientific studies on the influence of music on children's brains and reading abilities
    3. A happy and successful child and a positive mother
  • How to strike a balance between learning focus and child health
  • How can a woman keep her youth and pass on positive energy to her child?